SANTA ROSA─A vehicle pursuit on Highway 12, which involved a patrol officer with the Santa Rosa Police Department and a motorcyclist, ended after the motorcyclist lost control of his motorcycle and crashed on the road on Friday, July 31.

The motorcyclist was identified as Benjamin Vega, 41, of Rohnert Park. He was traveling northbound on South Wright Rd without illuminating the tail lamp during darkness. The vehicle pursuit ensued after a patrol officer tried to stop Vega at around 8:50 p.m., but he refused to yield to the officer.

According to the Santa Rosa Police Department, Vega turned east on Highway 12 and rode his motorcycle at a speed over 105 miles per hour. Vega eventually lost control of his motorcycle and crashed on the transition road to southbound Highway 10.

Vega was sent to the hospital immediately with minor injuries and arrested by the officers after he was released from the hospital. The transition roads from eastbound and westbound Highway 12 to southbound Highway 101 were closed after the incident happened, and the motorcycle was removed from the scene.

The police officers said that Vega was arrested on suspicion of evading the police officers on the motorcycle, displaying outstanding misdemeanor warrants, driving on a suspended license, and displaying false registration tabs.