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Vi’s Corner: “Angel”

My name is ”Angel,” and I bet that because of my name you think that I’m a girl, don’t you? Well, I’m a boy, and was given that name because when I was found – after being abandoned – everyone said that I was an angel.  That was nice to hear, because I was pretty scared and sad after being left out on the street all by myself.

Well, now I’m safe and sound at the Friends of Animals Foundation where I’m getting a lot of attention and waiting for that special someone that will want a big, eighty pound boy to love. I’m only about a year old, I’m very friendly, and get along with everyone.  I’m also very well-behaved and promise to learn your routine in no time at all, as I’m very smart.

 I turn heads when I’m out walking, and you can be sure that you’re well protected when I’m with you.  Even though I’m very friendly, if someone doesn’t know me, they aren’t going to take any chances when they see me.  So, we can take a nice leisurely walk, or go for a jog, whichever suits your lifestyle, and I will stay right beside you.

 You say that you are really looking for a four-footed one that will snuggle on your lap?  Well, I can snuggle next to your lap, but if you want one to snuggle on your lap I suggest you check the website, which is:  You will see lots of little ones, including those that say “meow!” So, won’t you please call to see us?

 FRIENDS OF ANIMALS  310-479-5089

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