Vi’s Corner: “Jacques”

Jacques Shnauzer

BEVERLY HILLS—Hi, everyone!  I was given the very impressive name of “Jacques”! They say that I may be a Schnauzer/Glen of Imaal Terrier mix, which is pretty impressive, too, wouldn’t you say?

I’m about two years old and weigh about thirty-two pounds. My body is on the longish side, and my hair is, oh, so soft!  I’m the friendliest guy that you’d ever want to meet. I love people and get along great with other dogs.

I have a very mellow disposition, and if you wouldn’t mind, I’d love to lay next to you with my head on your lap and then I’d hope that you’d rub my tummy – as I love that. If you’ll give me a ball I’ll throw it up in the air and catch it in my mouth! How about that?

I hope that hearing all of these things about me will make you want to come to meet me. You’ll see that everything that I’ve said is true – and then some!  So, won’t you pick up the phone to make that appointment?  After we meet, we can take a nice walk and you’ll see how I follow right along. Then we can sit on the couch and I’ll snuggle with my head resting on your lap, and, hopefully, you’ll rub my tummy!  I can feel your touch now. So, won’t you call – please?


By Vi Logan