HOLLYWOOD─I hate to be the bearer of bad news for soap fans, but we only have four soaps still on TV: “The Young and the Restless,” “General Hospital,” “Days of Our Lives” and “The Bold and the Beautiful.” With that said, the coronavirus has forced us until a situation where virtually everything has been shut down, including production on your favorite soaps. Some tape in advance, others even longer. Right now, “Days of Our Lives” is the only soap that has taped enough episodes to take the soap into airing episodes throughout the summer.

So when it comes to your weekly recaps of soaps, “Days” will be the only one for the foreseeable future until new episodes are in the can people. With that said, it is indeed May Sweeps and “DOOL” has produced some fantastic content. For starters, the last baby swap that was remaining in the soap was finally revealed. Yes, Sarah and Eric learned Mackenzie was actually Kristen and Brady’s daughter Rachel, who Victor and Xander swapped.

We also learned that Maggie did not cause that crash, it was Orpheus and his son Christian, who planned to kidnap Maggie for ransom. And here we kick off the week with Orpheus still on the run, with baby David in his possession, as well as John Black. Rafe and Hope are questioning if Zoe can be trusted, and I must agree, because she is keeping secrets people, and Hope instantly picked up on it. Why Rafe who is also a member of the Salem Police Department, did not sense that I will never know.

Orpheus found himself in a corner, as Marlena, Steve and Justin, who wants to be a hero for reasons unknown) was confronted. Threats were issued per usual and a moment of the hour was reached for Justin, would he kill or let the justice system deal with Orpheus. To be honest I could care less. It’s time for John and Marlena to sail off into the sunset, the same that transpired with Chad and Abigail who is seeking treatment again for her mental break.

Yes, all signs point to Gabi, but as I noted all is too obvious for Gabi to be the culprit, which hinted at a bigger narrative in play: someone is working I the shadows to get their hands on DiMera Enterprises. Who could that person be? Perhaps Sami, or wait for it: EJ DiMera! I mean we know he’s alive, we haven’t seen him and soap fans already know that the phenomenal Allison Sweeney is headed back to the soap. We know this might have something to do with the sendoff of Sonny and Will Horton who are vacating Salem in the coming months. Yeah, that was a bombshell people.

However, love was in the air this week on Salem as it became clear that Eric and Nicole are engaged and finally getting their happily ever after, considering all the lies, deceit and tragedies that bequest them. I’m happy for the duo because it’s no secret these two BELONG together, they always have ever since Nicole first arrived in Salem. Let’s just cross our fingers that nothing happens between now and the walk down the aisle that ruins it. The other wedding in the works is that between Lani and Eli who were supposed to get married a few months ago, but after she fatally shot Stefan O. DiMera, Gabi forced Lani to call of the wedding in order rescue Julie with Stefan’s heart.

Lani complied, but found her way back fighting Gabi to reclaim Eli. Eli knows Lani is his true love, even though Gabi had him first, and making the situation more intriguing is the fact that Lani is pregnant. Yeah, Lani, who was pregnant awhile back, didn’t know if Eli or JJ was the father of her kid; it turned out to be Eli. Unfortunately, Lani lost that child and she could be a one who has a high-risk pregnancy that elevates the story even more people.