Who Is ‘A’ On “Pretty Little Liars?”

The identity of 'A' will finally be revealed in the March 24 season finale of "Pretty Little Liars."

HOLLYWOOD—I am seriously counting down the days until March 24 because the season finale of the ABC Family hit “Pretty Little Liars” will wrap up its fifth season. So what makes this finale so important? Well its being touted as #BigAReveal! So precisely what does that mean? Who knows, the writers of “PLL” have been known to tease the audience time and time again, so I’m not certain if the audience will ‘know’ who “A” is, but perhaps we’ll get the major clue we need to put a face to the elusive figure.

Those who have been watching the series since season one are well aware the first “A” was none other than Mona, Hanna’s BFF. Mona went off to Radley and the game was apparently taken over by another party, hence Uber “A.” I have an inkling though, that the ‘Big A’ has been around since season one, carefully calculating their plan.

Trying to figure out this mystery is something that has boggled fans for years. So many of us suspected that Alison herself, was the big bad or perhaps her twin Courtney as mentioned in the books. Nope, that’s way too easy, and I think the audience would be pissed if that were to happen. Why? Because we’ve been told time and time again that the twin route wasn’t being followed in the series, particularly with Ali, but Marlene King dropped a bomb this week revealing that the audience could be seeing double. That’s a major clue, which we can use to decipher who the villain torturing our favorite liars could be.

We’ve been told looking at seasons 1 and 2 would be pointless in learning our culprits identity, the start of season 3 is key. The rumor is that one of the liars themselves could be “A,” but I don’t buy it. Why? Seems like a stretch, but if you were to argue that one of the liars had a twin and that person was behind the chaos that is very plausible. So who could have a twin? Of course we have the obvious Spencer Hastings. Something about her family keeping secrets seems like this could be a major one, I’ll elaborate more on this in a bit.

The only other option when it comes to a possible twin is the original “A,” Mona Vanderwaal. This seems a bit easy if the writers were to take this route, but it is a possibility. Now a surprise twin would come from a theory I proposed some time back in Ezra Fitz. We know Ezra has kept plenty of secrets about his family history and this is something that might blow fans away, similar to the season four mid-season finale.

If fans really want to unlock the secret I think critical episodes to view would be from season four which include “A Is For A-L-I-V-E” and “A Is For Answers.” Why is the season four premiere and finale the most important? They unleash a multitude of clues in my opinion which include the following questions:

1) Who is the ‘Lady in Black?’

2) Who killed Detective Wilden?

3) Who was Mrs. DiLaurentis so terrified about escaping?

4) Who did Mrs. DiLaurentis see attempt to murder her daughter Alison in the head with a rock?

5) What secrets are Mrs. DiLaurentis and Mr. Hastings hiding?

Out of all of these questions, learning the identity of the ‘Lady in Black’ is crucial, as this has been touted as the endgame. The liars saw her at Detective Wilden’s funeral, and even though we learned this season in Ali’s dream that the mysterious party was Mrs. D, that doesn’t make sense if you consider logic. This woman couldn’t be sitting with the liars at the funeral and in the back row next to Jenna, unless Mrs. D is the one with a twin?

Hmm, it’s possible as she fits the body type. If you remove all that logic, the final moments of the season four premiere is critical, as the audience sees the ‘Lady in Black’ admiring her Ali mask in the mirror which is partially burned, hence the Lodge Fire from season three. That’s a major clue, but I’m not certain how just yet, as we assume Red Coat and the Lady in Black is the same person, but it hasn’t been confirmed. She was also seen in season five preparing to send a bunch of flowers to the parents of Bethany Young. So while this character has only been seen in costume twice in the series, it’s critical to the “A” game in my opinion. I’ll share who this person is when I reveal my top 3 suspects.

The biggest clue in my opinion comes from the season four finale where, Mrs. DiLaurentis freaks out on the telephone about someone possibly escaping Radley in my opinion, it could have been Bethany, but I suspect otherwise. The question everyone wants to know is who Mrs. D saw strike Ali with a rock. Whoever it was she was willing to bury her own daughter to protect them. Jason seems too easy, so I suspect a secret sibling that has been hidden, rather it’s a child or a sibling is to be debated. There is something huge that Peter Hastings and Jessica DiLaurentis are hiding, could it be possible that the two have another secret child out there? Its possible, but a stretch in my opinion, but I feel they could be very much connected to Bethany Young who is very much entangled in the mystery.

So let’s decipher who “A” isn’t? Cross off Emily, Spencer, Hanna, Emily, Paige, Caleb, Mike, Byron, Pam Fields, Cece, Noel, Jenna, Ella, Jason, Veronica and Ali. That means we have a few people left to decipher.

I seriously doubt that “A” is a guy, if it is, that will literally blow me away and the only potentials would be Ezra, Wren, Lucas, Peter Hastings and Toby. If Wren, Lucas or Peter turned out to be Uber A that would shock me as I would love to figure out the motive. Wren has been quite sketchy throughout the series, but barely appeared this season, so for him to be the big bad wouldn’t make much sense to me. Lucas and Toby would have the most motive, as the liars including Alison, had detrimental impacts on their lives. There is also that issue of never meeting Lucas’ parents, and Toby we’ve only seen a brief glimpse of his mother, while his father has never been seen. Coincidence? With Mr. Hastings, the guy knows how to keep secrets and when he wants something he tends to get it, but would he really torture his own daughter?

I however suspect that “A” is a female and my top suspects are none other than Melissa Hastings and Ashley Marin. Why these two? Well they perfectly fit the body type for the ‘Lady in Black’ aka ‘The Black Widow.’ Melissa is one hell of a liar, and continues to drop hints that she knows more than she is leading on about the history between the Hastings and DiLaurentis families. Is it possible Melissa has a twin out there? She has already dressed in costume as ‘The Black Swan’ so we know black is her favorite color, but would she really go to such lengths to destroy the life of her own sister, unless Spencer isn’t her sister after all?

My pick for Uber “A” is Ashley Marin. Yes, I know it seems like a stretch, but I’ve always had a weird feeling about Hanna’s mom. She did a lot of dirty things in season one, sleeping with a Detective, stealing money from job, and that Halloween episode in season 3. Why was she the only person who saw that little girl who was frightened of her ‘sister?’ Were the writers hinting at something to the audience?

When the ‘Lady in Black’ first arrived, I automatically thought of Mrs. Marin, and let’s not forget she was “conveniently” out of town during Wilden’s funeral? I have every reason to believe she was there, and in disguise, but trying to wrap my head around a motive is the baffling aspect.

The best way to nail the identity of “A” is as follows: its is someone who is intertwined with the DiLaurentis and Hastings families, they have some sort of connection or information regarding Bethany Young, may have spent time in Radley and the liars did something they have no idea had major repercussions. Take those four things and do what you will with them to connect a puzzle that has many pieces.

The idea of “A” being a teen seems a bit of a stretch. Our villain is someone who is super-intelligent, loaded with money, has the ability to be everywhere at all times, and loves playing with dolls apparently. That might be the biggest clue of all: dolls. We know Mona played with dolls, but Uber A plays with body parts and dolls. If Mona is indeed ‘dead,’ hence I use that word lightly, her twin would be the only option.

In conclusion, “A” is either Ashley Marin, a twin for Spencer Hastings, or a guy who is willing to dress like Alison DiLaurentis to frame her for murder (this would stun the audience the most), and I’m starting to suspect Lucas. I mean a mysterious figure playing with that toy truck full of dolls, just screamed guy, not to mention the men’s tuxedo/suit in the background! I’d love to hear your thoughts email la****@ca*********.com!  Until March 24 “PLL” fanatics!