SAN FRANCISCO — On Friday, February 19, Yelp CPO (Chief People Officer) Carolyn Patterson said the company will decrease office space in San Francisco as part of its commitment to transforming the workplace as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Patterson, who became CPO last month, said in a news release that when Yelp went remote in March of last year, the company was able to “operate successfully as a distributed remote workforce.”  Employees, Patterson said, discovered “ways to remain productive and connected to one another, including through flexible work schedules when needed.”

Regarding office space, Patterson, who has been with the company since 2013, said Yelp will be “subleasing some office space” as part of the company’s plan to “reduce our real estate footprint as leases come up for renewal,” states the news release.

The CPO also said its SF headquarters will remain, but a “significant portion” of Yelp workers will work “remotely on a full-time basis” or come to the office “a few days a week.”

In addition, Patterson said the company’s “hybrid model” will give “greater flexibility” to workers who can relocate “so they can live where they want to live, and work where they’ll feel most effective,” the news release states.

Patterson previously worked for companies like AT&T, Yahoo!, Autodesk, and Facebook, according to her LinkedIn profile.

Prior to becoming Yelp CPO, she was the company’s Vice President of Revenue Operations, Senior Vice President of Revenue Operations, and Senior Vice President of People Operations.

Aside from San Francisco, Yelp has offices in Washington, D.C., Arizona, New York, Illinois, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Canada.