Auction To Be Held By Warriors’ To Save Oakland Home


SAN FRANCISCO—On Friday, July 17, the Golden State Warriors pitched in to help a warriors fan in Oakland by having an auction that could help save his home in West Oakland.

KTVU FOX 2 News reported that “some of the items being put up for the bid include things signed by Steph Curry and lunch for four with Coach Steve Kerr.”

Curry has been active with helping Lloyd Canamore save his home by posting Canamore’s GoFundMe on his Instagram story on Thursday, July 9.

The athlete also participated in a music video by a rapper, who goes by the name of ‘Bizzle’ in front of Canamore’s home in 2018.

On Tuesday, July 7, Ali Roth created the GoFundMe and posted it with this caption:

“The bank is trying to take my neighbors house. His house is an Oakland staple. His mother passed away last year and they found out there was a reverse mortgage in her name. They’ve been on this block for 50 years. I made a GoFundMe to hopefully raise the money he needs to get the bank off his back.”

Since this post was posted the GoFundMe has generated $254,445 and has had 6.6K donations.

Canamore needs $350,000 to save his home from the bank taking his property. Representatives of the Golden State Warriors and Lloyd Canamore have not responded to the San Francisco News for comment.