SAN FRANCISCO — According to the website Zumper, San Francisco is the best city in the country to find the best deals on renting.

Zumper, founded in 2012, examines rental data across the United States from more than one million homes.

Other cities in California also made the list; Oakland is number 6 and San Jose is number 7. San Francisco became number 1 due to it rental prices dropping by 20 percent annually along with rentals giving move-in specials at 5 percent.

According to Crystal Chen, a Zumper spokesperson, “San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland have consistently been in the top 10 most expensive markets, so their rent prices had a lot of room to fall.”

Recently, another Zumper analysis lists San Francisco as number 1 for the biggest decrease of annual prices on rentals.  Last month, the median cost in San Francisco for renting a one-bedroom apartment costed $2,830, which according to Zumper is a 20.3 percent decline from only last year.  This is significant because it is the first time that the median price is below $3,000.

According to Zumper, in the month of September, the median price for renting a one-bedroom apartment was $1,231.  The median price for renting a two-bedroom apartment last month was $1,489.

Zumper is available for download on your iPhone or Android or go to for more information.