“Dallas” Returns For More Backstabbing


HOLLYWOOD—It was last summer’s surprise hit that came out of nowhere.  The reboot of the 1970s and 80s hit “Dallas” had all the right elements; great casting, wicked dialogue and plot twists that shocked viewers.  “Dallas” returned for season two on Monday with just as much shock value and tongue lashing dialogue one should expect. Viewers were treated to two full hours of backstabbing, lies, deception and money with “Battle Lines” and “Venomous Creatures.”

The star of the series continues to be Larry Hagman (J.R.) who proves that with age things only get better. It’s bittersweet knowing that Hagman will only appear in a handful of episodes since the famed actor passed away in November 2012, but I’m sure his passing will only incorporate the best surprises in television this season. He and son John Ross (Josh Henderson) were up to their same old tricks: money, greed and power.

Just as reunited couple Elena (Jordana Brewster) and Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) basked in the midst of happiness, John Ross was determined to get back the love of his life. Christopher began to do his digging about Rebecca’s (Julie Gonzalo) past to discover just exactly who she is by bringing the real Rebecca Barnes to town.  I completely forgot that Rebecca was carrying Christopher’s twins.  Ann (Brenda Strong) found it impossible to keep her ex-husband Harris (Mitch Pileggi) away from her as he bribed her with information on their missing daughter.

Rebecca returned to Dallas with a master plan intact, just as Bobby (Patrick Duffy) and Christopher got the shock of their life as Rebecca (Pamela) indicated that Cliff Barnes is her father!  She made threats, but Christopher didn’t back down.  Money means everything in Dallas!  Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) was not too pleased with Harris’ tactics, and I have every reason to believe that he’s setting up his ex-wife for a terrible fall.  Sue Ellen’s campaign was delivered a fatal blow when the bribe from her past came to surface.  J.R. was not too pleased to hear the news which means he has something planned to make things even.

John Ross decided to weld an alliance with Pamela Barnes to bring down Christopher Ewing, and take control of Ewing Energies, by using the real Rebecca as a bargaining chip. Temptation was a drug that Sue Ellen was unable to resist as she was tempted to have a drink of alcohol after the chaos of her election bid fell apart. J.R. gave his ex-wife a cold dose of reality.  While Rebecca may have won the battle, she has just initiated the war; even if she gets what she wants, Elena has Christopher’s heart. John Ross continues to make more deals than an episode of “Big Brother.”  Doesn’t he know every lie eventually gets exposed at some point? J.R. sent threats to Pamela that got underneath her skin.  Man he has some of the best dialogue on this show; it stings to the core and comes across so natural!  J.R. found just the right piece of evidence to get the state attorney general to back out of pressing charges against Sue Ellen.  I guess it’s true; money can indeed buy you happiness when you know how to use it.

Ann and Sue Ellen both had a heart to heart discussing the past and moving forward towards the future. Elena continued to prove her presence at Ewing Energies by implementing a deal that gives everyone what they want, placing her as a formidable force at the company as she obtained shares from Christopher, Bobby and John Ross; making them all equal partners.  That hug Elena gave John Ross said it all, the sparks are still there.

Christopher received an important “package” from Tommy Sutter that revealed evidence of Pamela’s duplicity, which unnerved the real Rebecca, as Christopher uncovered that Rebecca was also involved in the scam against his family.

Bobby’s investigation revealed that Harris has known about Ann’s daughter for a lot longer than he has been revealing which led him to locate the woman who raised Ann’s daughter Emma (Emma Bell).  Bobby put two-and two together realizing that Harris helped to kidnap Emma; her version of the event indicated that her father and grandmother, Judith Brown Ryland (Judith Light) rescued her from her mother.  Light is indeed a force to be reckoned with as the mother-in-law from hell.

“Dallas” is proving just like its first season, it knows how to bring the drama.  It’s never over the top, it’s delivered to the audience in doses, but those doses are so invigorating and juicy it’s difficult to turn your eyes away from the screen. “Dallas” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on TNT.  Let the battle for power begin!

By LaDale Anderson