UNITED STATES—Motivation is something that is not as easy to find some days. You have good days and then you have other days and how motivation comes into play with work is a mixed bag. Some days the pull is strong, other days the pull is very week. With that said, I must admit to everyone that I have been struggling when it comes to motivation at my current place of employment.

It has gotten to the point that I have little to no drive, which is something that I have never felt with my current place of employment until now. I know what people will say, just utilize money as a big draw. However, what people fail to realize is that money is not the strongest motivator that you think for most Americans. It works for some, but it doesn’t always work for others. For me money is great, but it is not the definitive motivator when it comes to work. I need more.

So people say think about the work you do? That used to be a big motivator for me to work, but it has gotten to a point that the work that I do is not giving me that extra push that helps get thru the work day. I’m not eager or pleased with the work anymore and I’m left asking myself WHY? Has it been the fact that I have been doing it too long and I have become too complacent with it? I thought about that, but the answer is no. I give so much and go above and beyond with my job that I’m in no shape, way or form lazy. That is a term I refuse to allow anyone to throw at me and expect me to just accept it.

I have become bored with what I’m doing. There is no excitement it feels like a mundane energy, even though I try everything in my power to keep the energy level up and to continue to push to see success. However, that just is NOT enough anymore America. I think I’m reached a point in life where I need more purpose in my work, I want to feel as if I’m contributing something to society and helping others. I’m not currently getting that from my place of employment.

Plain and simple something has to change now, not later because as each day moves forward, I feel like throwing in the towel and that is NOT a good thing at all when it comes to work. When you are coming to work solely for a paycheck that is when you’re in a bad situation because at a point the paycheck just will NOT be enough America, you need and you want more and I’m NOT getting that at the moment. Do I need to just take an extended break from work to see if that will boost my juices yet again? Should I have a conversation with my boss to find out what I can do to bring the excitement back?

I don’t have the answer that is why I am writing this column; I am trying to figure out ways to bring back the energy that I used to have when I first started my position at my current place of employment. It just may be time, as time progresses things change for people in general. You lose interest, things become mundane, people come and go, the team dynamics shift. All these things have an impact on your overall motivation at your place of employment. I think the bigger question you have to ask is why are you not motivated at your current place of employment? Get to the core of things, what do you like, what do you dislike? That may be the starting point of getting to the root of the issue and how and if you can change it!

Written By Jason Jones