UNITED STATES—Hair loss can be difficult to cope with. However, with treatment and by following a daily routine, you can stop, or reduce the amount of hair you lose. There are several things to try, which can be incorporated into your day without too much disruption.

Finding the right treatment for you

Relief Seeker allows you to find the right treatment provider by comparing some of the benefits of each one and providing reviews, such as the Keeps review. This explains, in simple terms, how finasteride and minoxidil work. It is also open about the possible side-effects, allowing anyone considering treatment to make an informed decision.

Starting a new treatment

While you might be concerned about side-effects, they are usually rare. If you’re starting a new treatment for hair loss, it can be beneficial to allow some time to see how you react to the treatment and, if possible, allow time for any side-effects to pass. However, always speak to a doctor before deciding on the risks and whether they are temporary and/or worthwhile. If you’re able to take time off work or other duties, that can help you get into a routine before you make them part of your regular daily life.

 Letting close friends and family know

It can be embarrassing for some people to admit to hair loss, but if you’re starting a new treatment and need help making it a regular part of your routine, it can help to let those closest to you know. They can offer support, encouragement and reminders if you forget to take your prescription.

Can these treatments really work, and how?

Certain medications and shampoos really can make all the difference when you’re battling hair loss. The ingredients they contain have often been proven to be effective and have been tested thoroughly.

For example: ketoconazole shampoo can reduce inflammation which, in some cases, is a cause of hair loss. Minoxidil is FDA approved and promotes hair growth by increasing blood flow and widening the blood vessels. Therefore, it can be effective when applied to the scalp. Finasteride has undergone numerous trials and is proven to work by blocking excess DHT, known to be a common cause of hair loss. Therefore, by reducing DHT levels, it reduces hair loss.

Many treatments contain a combination of these, and ingredients such as biotin, which helps to produce keratin, can be helpful for helping with hair growth. Some products will do this, while others will decrease the amount of hair you lose. Seeing and being assessed by a professional will help you get the right combination based on your individual needs.

Changing your diet

There are other ways to help yourself alongside the above treatment options. Changing your diet can have some benefits for reducing hair loss and even promoting hair growth. Eating too much fast food can make your skin and scalp greasy. A greasy scalp can mean clogged up pores and a higher risk of hair loss. Alcohol should also be avoided because it lowers your body’s levels of zinc. Without zinc, your hair can become brittle and break off easily. Perhaps one surprising thing you should be aware of is fish. We’re constantly told omega-3 is good for us, particularly for our hair growth. That much is true. However, some fish might contain mercury that can do more harm than good. If you’re unsure, stick to salmon, sardines and cod.

Try eating foods such as spinach, which contains vitamin A and iron, and oysters which are high in zinc. You can also incorporate eggs, sweet potatoes, nuts and berries into your daily diet. Changes in what you eat may take some time getting used to, but if you stick to any routine for long enough, it will gradually become part of your daily life.

Reducing stress

If you’re having treatment for hair loss, changing your diet and receiving support from those close to you, one more thing you can do to ensure the success of your treatment is to reduce your stress levels. That may be challenging, particularly if you have a stressful work or home life. However, changing your routine to reduce stress wherever possible will give you the best chance of winning against hair loss.

It may seem daunting at first to include hair loss treatments and to change aspects of your lifestyle, but it will become easier, and you’ll see positive results.