Mourners Remember Malcom X’s Late Grandson


OAKLAND—Over two hundred people gathered in Oakland on Friday, May 17 to mourn Malcolm Shabazz, the grandson of Malcolm X. According to reports,  28-year-old Shabazz, who was a civil rights leader, was beaten to death at a bar in Mexico City on Thursday, May 9. Allegedly, the violence was the result of a $1,200 bill and two of the waiters arrested in the case had been serving Shabazz that night.

The Islamic service in Oakland lasted around two hours. People remembered him as “Young Malcom.” He had apparently begun to start his own civil rights movements and led others as well.

Although Shabazz experienced a somewhat troublesome past which involved time spent in juvenile hall and prison, those close to him said he had changed his ways. He had plans to write a memoir as well as a book about ending youth violence.

Shabazz was originally from New  York, but moved to the Bay Area four years ago to start anew.

He was beaten outside a bar in downtown Mexico City. Autopsy reports showed he died as a result of multiples blows to his head, torso, and face. He will reportedly be buried beside his grandparents in New York.

By Nedda Alishahi