“PLL” Recap: ‘No Stone Unturned’

The liars learned new details about "A's" nefarious plans.

HOLLYWOOD—It’s hard to believe that there was no new episode of “Pretty Little Liars” last week, but things are ok, because the liars are back. In the latest episode, ‘No Stone Unturned’ the ladies continued to hone in on Mona’s BFF Leslie Stone who has been keeping quite a few secrets to say the least.

Spencer and Emily discussed recent developments connecting Mona and Leslie’s friendship; must say it makes perfect sense when you think about it, but as Emily stated Leslie is way too easy for fans of the show. Hanna was adamant about catching their tormentor in the act, just as Mr. DiLaurentis received a birthday card that rattled him to the core.

Aria was surprised that Clark didn’t overreact to the theft of his prints, just as Hanna received unexpected guests from Ashley and Caleb. The ladies are indeed pushing those close to them far away. Sara’s tattoo of the birdcage helped Emily get closer to her new bestie. Spencer confided in Dean about the pressure of speaking at her graduation about the tragedy that she has overcome.

Hanna played the role of spy to catch Leslie in the act by stealing her vehicle, while Sara asked Caleb questions about Alison DiLaurentis, which left him slightly unnerved. Ezra returned to the foray as he saw himself being questioned by Nicole who was fishing for information about Emily’s whereabouts. She revealed details asking Emily to assist in another project overseas for Habitat to Humanity. Emily agreed to the idea immediately, but later changed her mind.

Clark will not give up on getting closer to Aria whose ruse about finding her tripod was such a ploy. Hanna and Spencer searched Leslie’s vehicle for any possible clues they could fine, and discovered that Leslie is wearing fake glasses and cages to hold humans captive. Back at the junk yard Aria discovered a doll resembling her with her eye poked out.

Sara and Spencer bonded over their predicament about the tragedy they have both endured. Caleb ran into Hanna’s mom who informed him that it has to be Hanna’s decision to reveal what transpired in the dollhouse. It was a sweet moment to see Ezria bonding once again, but that moment transitioned when he spotted that creepy looking doll in her purse. Dean was a bit peeved that Spencer blew him off; he admitted that he had feelings for the youngest Hastings. Uh-oh, Spoby might be in trouble once again.

Hanna continued to give Caleb the cold shoulder, which led to a passionate make-up session. Emily was shocked when she arrived home to an injured and bloody Sara. Emily suspected that “A” was the culprit, but the more I think about it, I’m certain Sara might be one hell of an actress.

Hanna, Aria and Spencer snuck into Leslie’s workplace where they discovered that “A” has implanted them with microchips. This revelation is going to make “A’s” goal to track the liars more difficult. Hanna had flashbacks of her time in the dollhouse and decided to wreak chaos by releasing a raccoon in her desire to get vengeance.

When the lights went dark, the ladies were stunned to be confronted by Mona. The ladies were none too pleased to be duped by Mona once again. She revealed to the ladies that she was not friends with Bethany. Leslie revealed to the ladies that both Mona and Bethany went missing the same night Ali disappeared. She dropped the bomb which everyone already knew, Charles is “A!”

Thank goodness for Mona, she seems to speak common sense, when the liars are evidently lacking it. Mr. D crossed off a list of names on a notepad related to Charles and Radley. Aria spotted Ezra getting cozy with Nicole, uh-oh, Ezria might be dunzo for good.

Back at the Fields residence, Emily decided to check the back of Sara’s neck, which led to the two sharing a few kisses. The final moments of the episode saw Mr. D digging up Charles grave. While doing so, the audience got a glimpse of that birthday card with “A” revealing plans to come home to celebrate his big day. Of course, “A” has bigger plans in play as he/she noted death would come knocking at Rosewood’s door once again.

With only four episodes left before the first half of season six wraps, the truth is closer than ever. Until next Tuesday “PLL” fanatics!