HOLLYWOOD—The liars have escaped “A’s” dollhouse, but the remnants of his torture have side effects that have left the liars in a troubled state of mind. Those aftershocks were resonated in the latest episode ‘Songs of Innocence’ which saw the ladies dealing with the emotional fallout in a variety of ways.

The episode opened with the liars being treated in the hospital for the psychological trauma they suffered inside the dollhouse. Spencer, Aria, Emily and Hanna speculated about Andrew possibly being Charles DiLaurentis. Way too easy, it’s not him. Toby tackled Andrew in the woods and was prepared to give him a brutal beating, but he was halted by a new cop in town. Ali found herself being grilled by her father about her actions, but not before she asked him the question fans have been dying to know, “Who is Charles DiLaurentis?” His reaction said it all; he was covering something epic to say the least.

Emily paid Sarah Harvey a visit to try to get details on her disappearance, but she wouldn’t disclose too many details. Toby tried to convince Spencer that Andrew was their guy, but she wasn’t sold on his theory. The parents are back in the mix; Pam Fields was a bit thrown by the fact that Sarah had been held captive for nearly 2 years. Hanna, returned to her abode, but Mrs. Marin found herself in a tough spot, as our fiercest liar needed to do redecorating to her sanctuary. Ella showed concerned for Aria as she was slightly anxious about her daughter’s wellbeing, just as Veronica informed Spencer that medication is not the best solution for her.

Flashbacks from inside the dollhouse gave indications to the audience that Charles forced the liars to torture one another, which left Spencer with sleepless nights. Spencer and Ali argued about the truth involving Charles DiLaurentis, just as Ezra did his best to console Aria in her time of need. Emily was firing plenty of heat, and I must say she is quite good with a gun, “A” better watch out, but Mrs. Fields was none too happy.

Ali got acquainted with Officer Lorenzo, as the conversation between Toby and her, was quite awkward. It was as if the two were speaking in code; seemed like they were keeping a secret. Hanna was quite fired up with her mom and Caleb questioning her reasoning to change her bedroom. Hanna shared a bit with her mom about the games that “A” played with them, she being the primary target. It was heartbreaking to watch Mama Marin console her daughter in her time of need.

Aria and Ella spoke with authorities about Andrew’s involvement in the “A” game; particularly how he obtained the funds to manufacture his ‘dollhouse.’ Aria was persistent that Andrew was the guilty party, but the police and even her mother were uncertain about her admission about seeing Andrew. Whoa, she told a lie to convince herself of the truth. Toby began speculating that Andrew couldn’t have been the liar’s tormentor. Alison has sure turned over a new leaf, she’s attending church now! The Queen Bee had another run-in with Lorenzo, seems like a new couple is on the horizon? The duo had another encounter at the brew where they bonded over burgers.

Emily confided with her mom about the horrors she experienced during her kidnapping. Aria confessed to Spencer that she lied about Andrew, but Spence was more interested in getting her hands on some medication. Caleb gave Hanna an important speech about mending fences with her friends. Mrs. Montgomery confronted her daughter about her lie, just as Emily spotted Sarah in the neighborhood. She got better acquainted with Emily and her mother about not feeling welcome. Wow, such a sad tale to hear a parent not being happy to see her missing daughter. Sarah seemed skeptical about Andrew being her captor. Spencer debated rather it was smart for her to take medication or not, just as her mom decided to provide her daughter with comfort to ensure she sleeps.

Emily (Shay Mitchell) did her best to connect with her mom about her turmoil.
Emily (Shay Mitchell) did her best to connect with her mom about her turmoil.

As the episode wrapped, Spencer received a call from Emily who was likely sharing details about her conversation with Sarah Harvey, just as Hanna and Aria were clued in on what was taking place. Andrew found himself being interrogated by the authorities, and Alison looked at old family photos and noticed a few pictures missing. Hmm, not a coincidence, if you ask me. Next week looks intriguing as Jason gets clued in on who Charles might be. Until next week “PLL” fanatics!