SAN FRANCISCO—The San Francisco Zoo hosted a small birthday celebration for three of their senior chimpanzees on Wednesday, July 1. Maggie and Minnie turned 52 and Cobby became 62 years old. The three animals have been together at the San Francisco Zoo for over 50 years.

The SF Zoo celebrated the chimps with a rainbow-themed celebration for the three animals. They tweeted a cheerful video of the chimps enjoying their birthday party. The video was captioned: “Our troop of seven enjoyed a rainbow-themed celebration that included a variety of bright, colorful, and nutritious treats including carrots, tomatoes, loquats, yellow bell peppers, eggplants, rainbow chard, and even cake made up of their favorite chow, covered in colorful yogurt.”

The video also showed the chimpanzees enjoying the gifts received. The San Francisco Zoo staff continues to take precautions and practice social distancing while interacting with the primates. The zoo plans to reopen as soon as they receive the green light from the city of San Francisco.