SAN FRANCISCO—A San Francisco man was arrested on Tuesday, December 3 for the posession of child pornography. 

Charles Eugene Patton, 39, sent sexually explicit photos and videos to underage minors and asked for them to send him videos in return. The San Francisco Police Department Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) started investigating Patton back in the fall. Through the investigation, thousands of child pornography files were discovered on Patton’s cloud storage.

Patton is a registered sex offendor for a previous child abuse conviction that occured in Oregon. When authorities arrested Patton at 850 Bryant Street, they found a cellphone containing child pornography. 

According to police, Patton was booked for possession of child pornography with a prior offense, and for enhancements of having over 600 files of child pornography. 

The San Francisco Police Department is asking anyone who has been a victim or suspicious of Patton to contact the SFPD Special Victims Unit at (415) 558-5500.