SAN FRANCISCO—On Monday, July 6, the San Francisco Silent Film Festival (SFSFF) announced that it had created an Event Archive featuring past festivals and “satellite programs.” Almost a month earlier, SFSFF 2020 was cancelled after initially being postponed to November.

The SFSFF is “a nonprofit organization dedicated to the presentation and preservation of silent cinema, and the education of the public about silent film as an art form and as a culturally valuable historical record.” Established in 1996, it “produces events that showcase important titles from the silent era, often in restored or preserved prints, with live musical accompaniment by some of the world’s finest practitioners of the art of putting music to film.”

The organization’s next event will be the SFSFF’s 25th anniversary edition—scheduled for May 5-9, 2021—despite the fact that it will only be the 24th festival, as this year’s was cancelled. It will take place at the Castro Theatre; there will be restorations of Erich von Stroheim’s “Foolish Wives,” Baby Peggy’s “The Kid Reporter,” and “San Francisco, the Golden Gate City.”

Besides each year’s SFSFFs, the archive also features standalone events like “The King of Kings,” “Greatest Hits with Clubfoot Orchestra,” and “The Little Tramp at 100.”

The early bird rate for a SFSFF 2021 all-festival pass is $275. Passes that were purchased for SFSFF 2020 can be used next year.