SAN FRANCISCO—Prolonged duration of stormy, wet weather in the Bay Area has resulted in several flight delays and cancellations at San Francisco International airport.

The average delay time for flights is 60 minutes, while some flights are running up to two hours late. Over 90 flights were cancelled at SFO on Tuesday.

The cancellations are reported to have been split evenly between arriving and departing flights in and around the Bay Area.

Airport traffic combined with inclement weather conditions makes some airlines consolidate their flights, increasing the number of flights cancelled.

By Wednesday, February 8, the number of inbound flight delays decreased to seven while the outbound delays were reported at 19.

“The Federal Aviation Administration estimates the average delay at SFO to be anywhere between 60 to 90 minutes, today,” Brian Horne, Airport Duty Manager at SFO, told San Francisco News

“I would suggest people to call the the carrier to check the status of their flight before hand,” Horne said.

SFO has two runways, the distance between which is too narrow to be used simultaneously on days with low visibility. This causes more traffic and delays at SFO on foggy or stormy days. In the past, proposals have been submitted to acquire some of the bay for landfill to expand the runway area. Such proposals have been met with resistance because of the threat it poses to the marine life, shelving the current proposals.