CORTE MADERA—An unidentified 15 year-old boy from Corte Madera was caught throwing a party at his home while his parents were away on Saturday, December 10, the Central Marin Police Authority announced.

According to police, residents of the 500 Block of Corte Madera Avenue alerted authorities around 10:00 p.m. in response to the commotion.

The neighbors reported that teens were walking up and down the block repeatedly, and driving on the wrong side of the street. One caller claimed that the party-goers attempted to flip his car over while he was inside it, police said.

There were approximately 150 people at the scene by the time police arrived. Officers could smell alcohol as they approached the house, which had multiple empty beer cans and alcohol bottles in the driveway, authorities stated.

The boy that hosted the party claimed that he had originally invited 20 people to the house and was unsure how to handle the situation when more people began showing up.

Officials issued the teen a citation for violating the city’s social host accountability ordinance which forbids parties in the presence of alcohol and adolescents.

The fine for the first offense of said violation is $750, $850 for a second offense, and $1000 for a third.