UNITED STATES—Last week we chatted about Congress finally coming to an agreement about a new stimulus package, only to discover a day or two later that President Donald Trump was not happy with the COVID-19 stimulus bill that was agreed upon by the Congress. I must admit President Trump had very valid claims. Yes, the $600 stimulus checks are paltry at best compared to the $1200 received several months ago. However, for most Americans, many who are struggling and I mean desperately struggling to stay afloat, that money is needed.

President Trump wanted $2,000 for individuals and $4,000 for couples and I was actually ok with that. People are literally on their last dime trying to survive unsurmountable circumstances. This pandemic has hit so many of us like a tornado and it will take a long time to recover from such financial crises in addition to job loss and so many other things. However, that was immediately shutdown by members of Congress who did not agree to those terms. Look arguing about why Congress doesn’t think the money should be higher, I cannot answer that question, and it is pointless to consider continuing to debate the problem. However, the debt continuing to climb higher might be the biggest issue.

If I am being honest, considering unemployment benefits were on the verge of ending, people have lost their jobs, people are on the verge of being evicted from their homes, there is a ton transpiring right now. I mean how in the hell is Congress not seeing this? I mean perhaps we should have implemented if Congress doesn’t come up with an agreement, they don’t get their paychecks until a deal is reached. Perhaps this would really get members of Congress to understand the importance of considering the American people and not their personal goals or agendas.

I mean just learning about the millions of dollars going overseas and being spent on things that would be better suited for the United States it is beyond baffling. How can we as a country be sending money to other countries when our economy is on the verge of literally crumbling into a million pieces? Hello, someone explain, make that make sense to me because right now I cannot make that connection that is vital for boosting our own economy.

President Trump had valid reasons for delaying the signing of the bill, however, I would have preferred for him to sign the bill and make members of Congress get back to the table and make something happen instead of continuing this back and forth game that has been ongoing for months. It just frustrates people looking at politicians point their pens and wave their fingers without seeing actual action taking place. You serve the American people, stop thinking about other things and focus on the people who elected you into office.

The Coronavirus pandemic has destroyed this economy in more ways than I think many politicians realize. Many of them have not seen direct hits to their pockets, while a vast majority of Americans have. I mean having a job one day, not having one the next day, is a scary as hell feeling. Worrying about how your rent and utilities will be paid; worrying about catching a deadly virus and a host of others things, like draining your savings account to stay afloat has all resulted because of this pandemic.

I would argue almost all of Congress didn’t have to suffer from such stress, they may have heard about it, but actually enduring it is a different thing. It would be so nice for them to feel the crunch and the pressure that so many people, various businesses had to encounter in 2020. I mean the restaurant industry alone I feel so bad for them because they literally are on the verge of extinction. They can only offer take-out, they can’t really do indoor dining, I guess it depends on what state you go to, but if you live in the Midwest or Northeast where the temps are pretty chilly and it’s snowing, no one is eating on a patio people. It just is NOT happening.

More compromise needs to transpire between political parties. This back and forth mess is just becoming a pain, and after years and years of pointing fingers, if 2020 has taught us anything it is that coming to a resolution in a timely fashion can no longer be delayed. Focus on the people and not on what it is that you want.

Written By Jason Jones